Friday, June 17, 2011

The Importance of a Great Doctor

No one likes going to the Doctor's office. This is especially true for kids- even when they are healthy they get poked, measured, weighed, and given shots.

The Doctor's office is not a fun place for parents or kids, which is why it is so important to have a great Doctor.

A great Doctor is more than their medical degree and qualifications, beyond writing stats and prescriptions.

A great Doctor is someone who...

  • Listens to ALL of your questions and gives relevant, helpful answers
  • Takes an interest in your child, as a person, not as a pay check
  • Knows who you are and is up to date on your child's medical history
  • Adapts to squirming babies and timid toddlers
  • Has your child's best interest in mind
  • Is helpful with topics that are especially important to you
  • Never criticizes, puts down, degrades, or otherwise disrespects you or your child

After a recent run-in with an Urgent Care Doctor who possessed none of the above qualities, I wanted to  send a HUGE THANK YOU to my daughter's primary care Doctor,  Dr. Mark Shalauta. Not only does he exemplify all the characteristics and qualities listed, he also blows bubbles and reads Curious George books for Laila in our appointments!


Do you know a fantastic Doctor? Leave a comment below and tell us why he/she is so great!

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