Friday, July 15, 2011

Baby Sign Language

Have you ever wondered what your baby was thinking, or if they even understood what you were saying?

Have you experienced the helpless feeling when your child is crying or throwing a tantrum and you wished you had known what it was they wanted?

Have you tried teaching your child (and yourself) sign language??

Studies have shown that teaching hearing babies sign language has many benefits, including:

  • Increased vocabulary and communication skills
  • Builds confidence in both babies and parents
  • Decreased outbreaks, tantrums, and aggressive behavior due to frustration
  • Increased IQ
  • Fine motor skill development
  • Builds trust in parents and caregivers
  • Positive emotional development 

(To read more research from studies on signing and babies click here and here.)

   I love being able to sign with my daughter! Not only do we have fun bonding and learning together, but it has come in very handy! (Pun semi-intended)

  Our first introduction to signing was with the Baby Signing Time DVDs when she was about 6 months old, and at 9 months she first signed "milk". We started with the basic needs - milk, eat, more, and all done - then worked our way up. 

Photo by Stills by Hill
Recently we were invited to sit-in on a Sign 4 Baby 6 week session, with Joann Woolley (pictured left, signing "duck"). 
The six weeks consisted of 6 different categories of signs; animals, family, colors, feelings, play time, nature/weather.
Joann's class is fun and interactive! It's hard to grab the attention of 6 babies between the ages of 6 months and 2 years, but she does it through singing, dancing, animal noises, and of course signing.

We're in love with her class, because not only is it a fun learning environment for you and your little one, but it also gives you the opportunity to meet other parents and make new friends. Joann is also a wealth of information, teaching not only the signs, but also how to use them and how to effectively teach them to your children. 
I learned that facial expressions and tone of voice are really key, especially when learning signs about feelings and emotions.

If you would like to find out more about Sign 4 Baby, go to the website, and while you are there, take a look at the classes offered and let us know which class you and your little one would like to take to be entered into our giveaway.

  • This giveaway is open to San Diego County residents
  • To Enter: Leave a comment below telling us which class you would like to take, or what signs you would most like to learn. (Deadline to enter is July 21 at 11:59pm)
  • The winner will be chosen at random to receive 1 FREE 6 week Sign, Play & Learn class valued at $125
This Giveaway is CLOSED.
(Don't forget to enter our "What to Expect" giveaway, while you're at it.)

Good luck!


  1. I would love for my one year old to learn some basic signs like hungry, more, done....etc. That could really make our lives a ton easier right now!

  2. We want to learn more signs for things that GO, lol. Her class is amazing, and I'd love to take more!

  3. I'd love to take the "feelings" class. Also the playtime and animals sounds fun too!

  4. Sign, Play & Learn Class looks wonderful!!!!

  5. I'd love to take my daughter to the Sign, Play and Learn class! She just turned 3 months and I want to start her on the earlier side.

  6. I would love to take the sign, play, & learn class! I have started signing with my 6 month old (a few months ago) and she loves it! She smiles every time I sign "all done" or "bath.". I would really like to continue signing and learn more!

  7. We took the first class and would love to continue on by taking the second class. Teacher Joann is AWESOME. We took our first class at 6mths and now she will 12mths a month from now. Would like to expand on our signing knowledge as well as meet new friends. This is a great giveaway. :)

  8. I would love to take the sign, play, & learn class once Gavin is a little older :)


  9. We would love to attend the Java Mama Saturday morning class. We are currently working on signing milk, Daddy, dog, bless you and light.

  10. I would love to take the advanced toddler class, but it is too far for me, so any class at Buggies and Babies would be great! I'd love Josie to learn more 'people' signs such as fireman, dentist, nurse, police, mailman, etc. :o)

  11. I love Sign4Baby and Joann is amazing! I would retake any of her classes and be happy. Pinky enjoys using sign language to communicate. As an advocate for education, I'd love for her to participate in the advanced toddler class, but again, any one is fine!

  12. Would love to win this! We so enjoy signing with our almost 8 month old daughter. She is starting to copy our movements so we can't wait for her to start signing! I am hoping to learn more signs for body parts, foods, and "around the house" signs.

    This is the perfect class for us: Saturdays | 9/3/2011 | 10:00 AM
    Java Mama Session X | 9880 Hibert St Ste E3 San Diego, CA 92131

    Kari Robinson

  13. Hmm... not sure why it loaded my comment with that weird address.

    My e-mail is

    Kari Robinson

  14. Hi! I have really, really been wanting to try to learn baby signing with my daughter! I want us to learn as many signs as we can... and I'm sure we can pick up a few in a 6 week session! :) The Sign, Play & Learn Class Mondays at Java Mama would be perfect for us!

    Crossing my fingers!

  15. It would be great to take my little guy to the Sign, Play and Learn class! A few friends of mine have taken it with their little ones and it's so neat to see the babies be able to sign and communicate. At 4 months, I'd love to start my son off early!

    Charlene Moreno

  16. I taught my older child to sign when she was little, but it was very basic signs and she forgot them all once she started talking. I'd love to take the class with my younger daughter, it looks like such fun!

    Bree Miller

  17. I would love to take the advanced toddler class but like Aline said it's a little to far. Sooo I would love to learn more about feelings.

    Devon F.

  18. The class at Buggies & Babies would be perfect! My 14-month old has picked up a few signs from the DVDs, but it would be great to have her learn in "real person" vs the TV! ;)


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