Friday, September 2, 2011

TTC: What To Do Before Getting Pregnant

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  1. Heather, great points! You're so right, sometimes the decision gets made for us about when we get pregnant, but definately getting some of those big things out of the way is a good idea, i.e dental work. My dentist office recommended getting a coating put on my teeth for additional protection, advising that while pregnant we can be more susceptible to caviities, I think it was related to all the nutrients a growing fetus sucks from our body affecting the tooth enamel. Shoot, I wish I could remember what it is called! Another reason to see the dentist pre pregnancy? You're just going to be so busy taking care of a new baby it is hard to remember to take care of these important things for yourself, i,.e. dental exams so at least getting in that last one before pregnancy helps.

  2. Joann, I asked my mom about the dental coatings, here is what she had to say:

    "A coating of varnish can be applied at a dental office. This varnish wears off the teeth in 12- 24 hours but offers lasting benefits. The varnish is a high concentration of fluoride that soaks in to the enamel and any exposed root surfaces. The fluoride helps to resist acid attacks from our daily eating, drinking and oral bacteria attacks.
    The other comment about pregnancy " sucking" the nutrients from the teeth is not correct. Many pregnant women eat small, frequent meals. This may cause increased acid attacks and or food for the oral bacteria. This may be reduced by brushing more than two times a day. Be sure to floss every day! Normal bacteria in the mouth mature between the teeth and can cause many oral problems."

    - Stacey RDH

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