Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Maternity Wear Wednesday: 14 weeks

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I love this super flowy dress from Love21 (Forever 21's adult clothing line). This style is very popular for fall, because it is a maternity piece the elastic band is a bit higher on this particular dress. 

This outfit is great for any trimester, whether you are hiding your semi-there baby bump, or looking for something that'll cover a full blown 9 month bump. (I also like to use large braceletes and cute shoes to distract from my protruding belly.)

14 weeks with Baby #2


  1. When selecting your gown, you should not assume that just your stomach would grow. Maternity weight gain can affect just about every part of you. Bride should also carefully select sleeves, and the neckline for wedding maternity dresses to ensure a good amount of comfort.
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