Saturday, November 24, 2012

Celebrate Small Business Saturday with 20% off!

Thank you for supporting small businesses, like ours!

Take 20% off all items in our Etsy shop TODAY ONLY!


Other small businesses we support include:

Sign 4 Baby -2 for 1 registration in the Sign, Play & Learn classes taught all over San Diego county.
Babies in Bloom - Open today 9a-5p. They are accepting AmEx and offering specials
Rock Easy Diaper Co Open today from 10a-2p and accepting AmEx
Ohana Wellness - Use code: PERFECTGIFT for a discount on the "Bonding with Baby" bundle
Natural Kidz - 20% off online sale
G.L.Buck Plumbing
Chris Steffens Glass (This is my uncle's hand blown glass company. He makes beautiful glass art.)

Small business owners, feel free to add your holiday promotion in the comments of this post.

Happy Shopping,

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief | How You Can Help

By now, you've seen the destruction that Hurricane Sandy has caused to the upper East Coast and read stories of the hospitals having to evacuate due to failing backup generators.

I haven't personally watched too much on the news, but I have seen the first hand photos via Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook and have read the comments of real people who have lost so much. One lady in particular commented that she saw her baby's car seat floating in her own house and the crib was flipped over(and presumably soaked). That comment stuck with me, maybe because I have a 6 month old, maybe because it's my "industry", or maybe because it is an opportunity to help parents in need.

Our hearts and prayers go out to all the victims, but what can we do to help?

There are a number of places that are taking donations:

The Salvation Army
Victims of Hurricane Sandy
536 W 46th St
NY, NY 10036

4916 Arthur Kill Road
Staten Island, NY 10309
(this is a local cafe that is taking donations for the area to distribute)

Hurricane Sandy Donations
219 Beach 129th St
Belle Harbor, NY 11694

Island Park Fire Department
440 Long Beach Road
Island Park, NY 11558

The greatest needs right now are blankets, diapers, wipes, underwear, water, coats, and pre-mixed formula. I also imagine that baby carriers and portable cribs would  be greatly appreciated right now. (There are also lists of other items needed being posted on the Hurricane Sandy Relief Drive Facebook page.)

The easiest and potentially least expensive (as far as shipping costs go) way to send items are through Amazon, or other online shopping channels (although I have not tried yet to see if they will ship to these addresses).

You can also TEXT the word "REDCROSS" to 90999 to donate $10 to the Red Cross Diasater Relief.
($10 will be added to your phone bill and you must be over 18 to do this.)
** Verizon has pledged to match text donations up to $1M [read more here]**

The Red Cross is also taking blood donations, as they always are, to find a blood draw near you, click here.

Whether you are reading this as a business owner who has done a giveaway or promotion with us in the past, or as an individual, I hope you take a few minutes to help out. I can't imagine, as a mother, what it would be like to be without the basic essentials for my babies.

A big thank you to The Baby Guy NYC for compiling the list of trusted addresses that are accepting donations.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Car Seat Safety Rules

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Friday, September 7, 2012

Boobie-Palooza 2012 [Follow-up]

A few weeks ago, Logan and I headed up to Los Angeles for Boobie-Palooza!

(I apologize for taking so long to write a follow up, but movers came to pack up our entire house the very next morning, and it's taken me a bit to get back on track.)

Rockin' the "Peace. Love. & Breastfeeding" tee
from MamaPear Designs
The event was hosted in the historic Ebell building in LA by Berlin Wellness and The Pump Station & Nurtury, in conjunction with World Breastfeeding Week. The building was beautiful, but (at least on this particular day) lacked air conditioning and close parking. Two things that are very important for expecting and new moms.

There were a lot of great companies in attendance, many of which we recognized, including Milkin' Cookies, Daddy Scrubs, Pediped, Joovy, and Happy Family, as well as a few new faces.

Logan's favorite product of the day was this teether by Zoli:

I love that he has something he likes to bite... other than my fingers. I just wish that they would tint the silicone so that I can find it easier. (I keep meaning to make a "leash" for it.)

The product I am most looking forward to testing out is this carseat canopy by SnoozeShade:
You can expect a review on it soon.

There was a great lineup of speakers, including Rikki Lake, Dr. Harvey Karp, Elliot Berlin, and more. (To see the full line up and more information about each speaker, click here.)
We unfortunately did not get a chance to attend any of the seminars that took place that day. Like I mentioned before, the venue was very hot and the attention span of a 3 month old was not going to be kept for long, although I would have loved to sit and listen to the panel all day.

The lactation lounge was very nicely put together. There was comfortable seating, shear privacy curtains at the entrance, and refreshments. The drinks did go fast and left some of us searching for water towards the end. (Sorry, I didn't take any photos, I make a real effort to respect the privacy of those around me, especially of the little ones.)

The changing areas were fully stocked by Honest Co, with their full line of wipes, lotions, and disposable diapers.

We ran into my good friend, Faith, who wears many titles these days, most notably, Co-founder of Celebrate the Military Child and FaveMoM.

We had a good time at the event and would have loved to stay longer, but the heat and lack of water sent us home early. I expected to see more companies that focussed on breastfeeding support, rather than general baby products, although I did find new products that I had not seen or tried before.

If you were curious, like I was, to see what comes in a $75 swag bag... here it is!

The swag bag, with all the product samples and reading materials, was 10 pounds!! 

I haven't gotten a chance to play with everything just yet, as everything was packed up the next morning and was in one of the last boxes to be unpacked. 

Logan won his first pair of Pediped shoes through the raffle the company hosted at their booth. We love Pedipeds and can't wait for him to wear these!

If you attended Boobie-Palooza and wrote a post, we'd love to read it! Just post a link in the comments and we'll check it out.

We hope you all had a fabulous Breast Feeding Awareness month (August) and are ready for Child Safety Month!

The Pump Station just tweeted a link to the Boobie-Palooza 2012 wrap up video and I wanted to share, especially since Logan and I are in it :)

Full Disclosure: I was invited to attend this event as a part of the media and received a ticket as well as a swag bag in exchange for promoting the event and writing about my experience. My experience is my own. My awesome "lactivist" shirt was sent by my amazing friend, Lara, owner of MamaPear Designs.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Hullabaloo Music Festival + Giveaway

Date: Saturday, September 22nd
Time:  11 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Location:  Liberty Station NTC Promenade

Admission:  $7 per person; children under the age of 1 are free;  
Family Pack of tickets: $20 for up to five family members total

Families can look forward to hearing two sets of Hullabaloo, but that's not all!  We will also be joined by Patty Hall, and The Hollow Trees.  Sets will go on throughout the festival. Families will receive a program upon entry with details regarding both music and other performances.

Families can bring their own food this year, or enjoy food from one of four food trucks: 

Miho Gastro Truck (2)
Food Farm San Diego
Mr. Groggy's

Children's Literature Zone:
Hullabaloo has paired up with Yellow Book Road to create a relaxing escape where you can hear local San Diego authors read their own books! 

Come hear books read by

Kathryn Cloward -- Kathryn the Grape
Charles Johnson -- Storyteller
Luciana Navarro Powell -- My Dad is the Best Playground
Terry Kraszewski -- Surf Angel
Joann Woolley -- Sign4Baby (signing story time)
Darren Perman -- Wookiwoo, I Love You
Jeff Garcia -- Santa and the Molokai Mules

Creativity Zone:
Art Soup, a drop-in art studio in Encinitas, will be providing a full day of art activities at the festival. They always come prepared with fun, creative activities and a great staff to make it fun and easy.

There will be an entire zone dedicated to dance performance and dance impromptu dance classes for the little ones.

Handmade Market:
Come check out some local handmade artists, crafters and more!  We'll have lots of goodies for sale- get some early holiday shopping out of the way!

Sponsors Include:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This post and giveaway have been sponsored by the Hullabaloo Family Arts Festival.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Product Review: AVENT Natural Bottle

Whether you are a breastfeeding mom going back to work or a formula mama right from the start, one thing is certain, finding the "right bottle" isn't as easy as it sounds.
First and formost, it must be BPA free - which is much easier to find now that BPA has been banned in bottles and sippy cups across the US.
Next you are faced with the question of material- plastic, silicone, or glass - then of course drop in bags vs traditional, colic relief or "anti-gas", and if you weren't overwhelmed with choices already... there are different types of nipples.

For the sake of time and sanity, this post will only be reviewing the new AVENT Natural Bottle. The AVENT Natural Bottles follow suit with the newest trend of bottle design, in that the nipples are fashioned after a breast to simulate the natural latch and flow of breastfeeding.

Right off the bat, I like the soft, flexible nipples and the unique design that resembles the milk ducts of a breast:
Photo Credit: John Hopkins .org

Our Experience:

Logan has a hard time taking bottles, even after starting life bottles and pacifiers in the NICU. I am fortunate enough to be able to take him with me when I need to travel for work or meet clients, so it hasn't been a critical issue. However, I'd like to be able to have the option, so I jumped at the chance to try this new bottle from Philips AVENT.

The first attempt with this bottle was not successful, which is entirely my fault. I attempted to give it to him while at a baseball game; new environment, lots of noise, and an unfamiliar form of eating did not make for a great situation.

I tried again a few days later, this time in our house, in a quiet room, with freshly pumped milk at the optimum temperature.

This second attempt was a success! He quickly latched on and drank the whole bottle without pulling off or putting up a fight.

He looked a little confused, but happy to be eating.
Of the 4 different brands and styles of bottles we have tried, the Philips AVENT Natural Bottle has proven to be the most successful for Logan. 

I'll be investing in a bottle warmer soon (since breastmilk can not be heated in the microwave and standing over the stove takes more time than I have patience for), and continue to work at making bottles an easier for Dad to use.

Happy Feeding,

I received bottles from the Philips AVENT company for this review. My opinion and experience is my own and was not swayed by the company or their representatives. 

Monday, August 6, 2012

[Book Review] "Mommy Breastfeeds My Baby Brother" by Mark Repkin

My daughter was one of the first people I announced my pregnancy to. I explained to her that we were having a baby and she gave me a big hug, then told her that she would be a big sister, to which she responded very matter-of-fact, "yea, I know". She was not even 3 at the time, but seemed to know it all.

Throughout my pregnancy, I tried to include her in getting ready for her baby brother. She helped announce my pregnancy and would regularly "check" my belly with her plastic Dr kit.

At the hospital, I gave her a special Big Sister present as well as a couple of big sister books.

She was loving her role as Big Sister and was making us laugh with all her demands that her brother be taken out of the NICU and that he needed to go home with her right away.

When we got home, I realized that there was one thing we hadn't talked about and that, unfortunately, wasn't in a single one of the kids' books we owned. ... Breastfeeding!

She saw me breastfeeding her brother and asked, "What are you doing to him?? He needs a bottle."

I was absolutely mortified. I had just come home from the hospital where I was fighting to be able to nurse him in the NICU and was doing everything I could to get the support I needed, and yet, I came home to a 3 year old telling me that I needed to give her brother a bottle. Which is exactly what all her books said.

I am so glad to have found this book, "My Mommy Breastfeeds My Baby Brother", by Mark Repkin.

The book brings up normal kid questions like, "what is mommy doing" and why mommy can't play with or get the older sibling a drink while she is nursing. It is a great way to open the discussion with your children about nursing.

The story works well for our situation- big sister, little brother - but of course, you can adapt it to fit your family. I often change the main character's name to my daughter's, to make it more engaging.

I have noticed a difference in how she understands what breastfeeding is and what her role as a big sister is in that process. I would recommend this book to any nursing or pregnant mom who wants to breastfeed her baby.

"My Mommy Breastfeeds My Baby Brother" is written for 2-5 year olds and can be found in a hardback English version, or soft cover bilingual (English/Spanish) version.

For more information, as well as where to buy the book, visit

Disclosure: I was given a copy of "My Mommy Breastfeeds My Baby Brother", by Mark Repkin, to review. All opinions and experiences are my own.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Happy World Breastfeeding Week!

As you may know, I struggled a lot with nursing my first baby and was determined to get it right the second time around - complications and all. (You can read my son's birth & hospital story here.) What I discovered through my own experience, as well as through research as part of being a Baby Planner, is that having support and knowing who and where to turn to for help is the key to success!

If you are in the Los Angeles or Southern CA area, and are breastfeeding or want to breastfeed, mark your calendars for Boobiepalooza this Sunday!

WHO:                                     Berlin Wellness Group and The Pump Station & Nurtury

WHAT:                                   Boobie-Palooza 2012  

WHY:                                         In celebration of World Breastfeeding Week, Boobie-Palooza will offer a full day of related activities to SoCal moms including expert panels, a sling clinic, exhibitors, entertainment and a beer garden.  There will also be a live nurse-in.

NOTABLES:                             Ricki Lake, Sarah Shahi, Dr. Harvey Karp, author of “The Happiest Baby on the Block,” Dr. Yvonne Bohn of Discovery Health’s “Deliver Me,” Dr. Stuart James Fischbein, co-author of “Fearless Pregnancy, Wisdom & Reassurance from a Doctor, a Midwife and a Mom,” Jamie Lynne Grumet (otherwise known as the TIME breastfeeding mom) and Katie Hamilton, who recently found herself in the center of a local controversy when she attempted to nurse at LACMA.

WHEN:                                  Sunday, August 5
                                                Noon to 4:00 p.m.
                                                Nurse-in from 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
WHERE:                                The Ebell
                                                743 S Lucerne Blvd
                                                 Los Angeles, CA 90010

*Panel discussions and nurse-in will also be streamed live on Ustream:
MORE INFO:                                                                 


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

BRAVE Movie Review : Not for Little Kids

I don't normally post movie reviews here, but since I've had multiple moms ask about this movie, I decided that this is the best place to answer the many questions.

Initially, I love the story of the independent princess who doesn't want to get married (especially as a mom of a 3 1/2 year old girl who already has her groom picked out and her wedding planned) and I am continually blown away by the animation by Disney/Pixar. I just wish that Disney and Pixar had stuck with this story and made it the feature story.

I don't want to give too much of the story away, but I don't think the trailer depicts the story well.

I fully expected there to be some violence and witchcraft/magic as per usual with Disney princess movies, but there was much more than I had anticipated. I'd estimate about 3/4 of the movie was violent and the "epic battle scene" was much more intense than that of Beauty and the Beast or even The Lion King.

My daughter said that she liked the movie, but that it was too scary. She tuned around in her seat and closed her eyes. She wasn't the only one either, there were a lot of screams and cries from little ones, as well as parents with small children exiting the theater during the movie.

If I had seen it without her first, I wouldn't have taken her.

Obviously, these are only the opinions of my daughter and me, you are free to decide what your kids can handle and decide what content you want to expose them to.

To read a review from an older child's perspective, click over to the Red Lotus Mama's blog for her Brave review.

Here is the official rating:

My daughter and I attended a prescreening of this film, courtesy of Walt Disney Studios and Allied. Our opinions are our own. 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Newborn Photos!

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Celebrate Carlsbad Day at LEGOLAND California

celebrate carlsbad day at legoland
LEGOLAND California is partnering with the Carlsbad Educational Foundation again to provide an opportunity for local residents and their families to enjoy a fun-filled day to support education on Saturday, April 28th.  
Special event tickets are not available for purchase at LEGOLAND for this event. Tickets for the event are available only in advance through the Carlsbad Educational Foundation (print out the LEGOLAND PROMO FLYER here) and local ticket sales outlets.
LEGOLAND will donate a portion of the proceeds from Celebrate Carlsbad Day at LEGOLAND to the Carlsbad Educational Foundation in support of science initiatives for students in the Carlsbad Unified School District.
LEGOLAND admission is just $20  (a $52 savings off the $72 adult ticket price!)
$6 SEA LIFE Aquarium Tickets
Call (760) 929-1555 today to have your tickets e-mailed to you.
Tickets are good for extended park hours ( 1 – 9 pm) only.
CUSD student performances take place from 3 – 5 pm on the Miniland Stage.
Special fireworks show at 8:30 pm!
Tickets cannot be purchased at the LEGOLAND gate.   Tickets can be purchased by calling us at (760) 929-1555 or at:
• Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce (5934 Priestly Drive) • Carlsbad Visitors and Convention Bureau (400 Carlsbad Village Drive) • US Bank (2520 El Camino Real) • Lola’s 7 Up Market & Deli (3292 Roosevelt St.) • Sunwest Bank (499 North El Camino, Suite C-100 Encinitas) • Vista Boys & Girls Club (410 W. California Ave) • San Marcos Boys & Girls Club (1 Positive Place) • Carlsbad Educational Foundation (5631 Palmer Way, Suite L) • All Carlsbad Unified school locations
To learn more about this very special event, please visit our website at
General Info:     Phone: (760) 929-1555
To learn more about CEF, please visit their website at   To read and see more, visit and “like” them on Facebook.    To see CEF’s programs in action, check out their videos on YouTube!
Photos c/o The Carlsbad Educational Foundation

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday to Us!

As I prepare for the birth of my son next week, I can't help but pause and marvel in the fact that 1 year ago today Baby Bump & Beyond, LLC officially opened for business.

It feels surreal. I can't believe it's already been a year, but looking at all that we've accomplished, I can hardly believe it's only been a year!

I just wanted to say a quick THANK YOU to everyone who has supported us through this journey - one that started almost two years ago, with an article, a revelation, and an idea. I can not express my gratitude enough for all the people I have met along the way who have embraced not only this company, but me and my family as well.

THANK YOU to our clients for your confidence, enthusiasm, and endorsement for our company! You know that we do everything we possibly can to make your lives easier and less overwhelming.

THANK YOU to all the fans, followers, reader, and "likers"- we appreciate all of your comments, tweets, emails, and shares. We strive to make the best information accessible to the most amount of people and are working on ways to expand exponentially in the next year!

Thank You, Again!

Happy Birthday, Baby Bump & Beyond!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Countdown to Baby!

With just over a month left until Baby arrives, it's crunch time. There are a few things that can wait until after your little one comes home, but in my experience it's a lot harder to get things done with a newborn in tow. Especially when you are trying to schedule your day around the unpredictable sleeping and feeding schedule of a newborn.

  • Pamper Yourself. - Get your nails done, a facial, massage, whatever it is that makes you feel great. You've earned it!
  • Clean the House. - This one isn't exactly fun, but if your nesting hormones have set in, you may find yourself scrubbing the baseboards at 2am anyway. Besides, when you bring that little bundle (or bundles) home, the last thing you'll be thinking about is vacuuming and doing dishes.
  • Install the Car Seat(s). - This one is pretty obvious. They won't let you leave the hospital without seeing that your car seat is installed, however most hospitals will not check to make sure that they are secured properly, so be sure to have it checked by someone who is licensed to do so.
    [Click here to find a location near you.]
  • Pack your Hospital Bag. - Check back next week for a list of what's in my hospital bag.
  • Take Classes. - This shouldn't be left to the last month, but if you haven't already, take or finish up your birthing class, breastfeeding class, CPR class, and any others to get you prepared for the arrival of your little one(s). [We offer private and group classes.]
  • Have a Girl's Night. - It will be a while before you can go out with the girls, sans baby, so relish these last few weeks. (Personally, I've been taking any and every opportunity to see movies in theaters.)
  • Have a Date Night. - It's been baby, baby, baby for at least 8 months, so spend a night focusing on each other.
  • Set up the Nursery. - Your baby may not have his or her own room, but it's good to have a space that is theirs. Having you baby's things organized and in one (or two) convenient locations will save your sanity in those early sleepless weeks.
  • Spend one-on-one time with older children. - You may have noticed that your child has become much more attached to you in the last few weeks or months, whether or not they understand what is going on. Be sure to spend one-on-one time with them doing their favorite activities and slowing down to savor precious moments.
  • Get older siblings prepared for Baby's arrival. - Depending on your child's age, there are a number of ways to talk about what it will be like when the baby comes home, and if they are old enough, what you will expect out of them as the big brother or sister. Also, have some quiet activities on hand and pre-made snacks, so they have something to do while your hands are full and aren't able to give them your undivided attention.
  • Set up backup child care and pickup. - If your family is close by, this one is a quick set up, but if you are far from family you may need to call in some favors from friends and day care providers just-in-case.
  • Enjoy some quiet alone time. - Just as it is important to spend time with the key people in your life, it's also important to spend some quiet time alone. You won't have much of it once your little one(s) make their grand entrance.
  • Sleep in. - This is a luxury, take advantage of it while you still can.
  • Do something that makes you happy. - For me, this means being crafty. I love making blankets, burp cloths, and other personalized items for my babies. It doesn't have to be big, just something that you enjoy and takes your mind off the anxiety of waiting.
  • Finalize your birth plan. - Not all births go according to plan, but it is helpful to have a plan in place for the "what ifs" beforehand, when you are able to think more clearly.
  • Do something to commemorate your pregnancy. - Book a maternity photo shoot, do a belly cast, paint a silhouette of your baby bump, whatever you want to do to remember your journey.
  • Call a Baby Planner. There is a lot to do and think about in the last month of your pregnancy, if you are feeling overwhelmed, unsure, or anxious, know that we are here to help! No one expects you to do everything on your own. We can help you set up your nursery, feel more confident about bringing baby home, help you prepare for birth, and so on. (You don't have to be in your last month to make this call.)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Maternity Wear Wednesday: 27 Weeks

At 27 weeks I feel like I'm bigger than I was at 9 months with baby #1, and by the way some of my clothes from my last pregnancy are fitting, I think it may be true!

This week I wanted to switch up the look that I've been getting very comfortable with- empire waist or baby doll tops and baby bump hugging tees. The challenge was to maintain shape and not look frumpy or like I was wearing a tent.

I think this look can easily be dressed up for a night with the girls, or dressed down for a trip to Target (which is where I went that day).

It's hard to see the detail (my apologies, my husband is not a professional photographer), but the shirt ties at the bottom, which gives shape to my baby bump. The details on top pull people's eyes up, so that the most obvious feature isn't my big belly.

Tell me what you think, did I pull off this look? 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Fall in Love with Fluff: Cloth Diaper Giveaway!

Fall In Love With Fluff - Valentine's Day Cloth Diaper Giveaway Event
Are you ready to fall in love with fluff
and win $500 of cloth diapers and accessories?!
Welcome to the Fall In Love With Fluff Giveaway Event presented by Daily Mothering and Eco-Crazy Mom! Over 100 blogs are coming together to celebrate our love for fluff with this awesome Valentine’s Day giveaway! We are giving away a Cloth Diaper Prize Pack valued at $500 to one lucky winner!!
Fall In Love With Fluff is sponsored by Sandbox Lane and Kissed By The Moon!

Sandbox Lane
Sandbox Lane is your one stop shop for affordable & stylish eco-friendly baby products! This family-owned business is known and loved for their great selection of affordable cloth diapers and cloth diaper accessories in a wide variety of styles and brands. They also carry a variety of stylish baby clothing and accessories, breastfeeding supplies, mama cloth, eco-friendly laundry products, swaddle blankets, toys and other earth friendly products to help get your little one off to a great start. Be sure to check out the Sandbox Lane Blog, and follow them via Facebook, Twitter, and Newsletter for information on sales, events, new products & more! Free shipping is offered on all purchases over $30, and all orders under $30 ship for just $3. *Shipping is only offered within the US and Canada at this time.

Sandbox Lane is offering a special 10% off coupon code for giveaway participants during this event! Use code Fluffylove10off at checkout to receive your discount! Excludes Bumgenius, Grovia, Flip, and Econobum.
Prizes Sponsored by Sandbox Lane:
BumGenius Freetime One-Size AIO Diaper
(Snap closure, winner's choice of Print/Color)
BumGenius 4.0 One-Size Pocket Diaper
(Snap closure, Winner's choice of Print/Color)
Flip One-Size Cover & Stay-Dry Insert
(Snap closure, Winner's choice of Color)
Econobum Trial Pack: 1 One-Size Cover and 3 Prefolds
(Winner's choice of Color)
Fuzzibunz Elite One-Size Pocket Diaper
(Winner's choice of Color)
Charlie Banana One-Size Pocket Print Diaper
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GroVia One-Size AIO Diaper
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ones & twos One-Size AIO Diaper
(Winner's choice of Color)
Incredibum Bamboo One-Size Pocket Diaper
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Incredibum Small Wetbag
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Rockin' Green Hard Rock 2.0 Detergent
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Rockin' Green Funk Rock
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Incredibum Bamboo Wipes
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Sweet Pea Cotton Velour Wipes
(2 packs - 10 wipes total)
BabyLegs Leg Warmers

Kissed By The Moon
Kissed By The Moon was created out of a passion for cloth diapering and eco-friendly living. This mama-owned shop is a favorite of many, well known for their cloth diaper rental packages, kissed cash rewards program, user-friendly gift registry and awesome weekly specials. They offer a wide variety of new and pre-loved cloth diapers, cloth diaper accessories, laundry solutions and everything needed to make your cloth diapering experience a success! Be sure to sign up for the Kissed By The Moon Newsletter and follow on Facebook and Twitter to be the first to know about sales, promotions, giveaways, and upcoming events. Shipping is always free for orders over $25 (US Only), and international shipping is available!

Kissed By The Moon is offering a special 10% off coupon code for giveaway participants during this event! Use code LOVEFLUFF at checkout to receive your discount on orders over $25! Excludes sale items, GroVia, Flip, and Bumgenius.
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SoftBums Snap-In Pod
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Rumparooz Print Wet Bag
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2 CJ’s BUTTer Samples
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And now for the giveaway!

ONE WINNER will receive this ENTIRE prize pack:
(most colors/prints will be winner's choice as listed above)
Fall In Love With Fluff $500 Cloth Diaper Prize Pack
This giveaway ends at 11:59 EST on February 7th, 2011.
Use the Rafflecopter form below to enter.
If you have not yet signed in to the new Rafflecopter forms, use either your Facebook account OR your name and email address to sign in. Click "Do It" for instructions on how to complete each entry. There is no mandatory entry.
The more entries you submit, the better odds you have of winning!
This giveaway is open to U.S. and Canada* contestants only.
*If a Canada winner is drawn, some prizes will be substituted with other products
or store credit of retailer's choice due to shipping restrictions on certain brands.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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