Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Maternity Wear Wednesday: 27 Weeks

At 27 weeks I feel like I'm bigger than I was at 9 months with baby #1, and by the way some of my clothes from my last pregnancy are fitting, I think it may be true!

This week I wanted to switch up the look that I've been getting very comfortable with- empire waist or baby doll tops and baby bump hugging tees. The challenge was to maintain shape and not look frumpy or like I was wearing a tent.

I think this look can easily be dressed up for a night with the girls, or dressed down for a trip to Target (which is where I went that day).

It's hard to see the detail (my apologies, my husband is not a professional photographer), but the shirt ties at the bottom, which gives shape to my baby bump. The details on top pull people's eyes up, so that the most obvious feature isn't my big belly.

Tell me what you think, did I pull off this look? 


  1. Hi Heather! U look great! I can see U kept in shape! How did U do it?

  2. Super model mama! You're lucky to have choices. 18 yrs ago when I was pregnant I shopped at Kmart and all the stores had were stupid sailor shirts and stretch stomach jeans. I had no fashion whats so ever. You look happy and healthy and wow how beautiful is that little girl of yours?!

  3. Thanks ladies! Maternity fashion HAS come a long way!
    Adriana- I don;t have any special secrets, just active lifestyle (running around after my 3 year old and walking around places like the zoo and Disneyland with her) and balancing my unhealthy pregnancy cravings with healthy foods and snacks.


  4. Love, love, love the "heart" picture! You should have that one framed with a picture of you little one after the grand entrance. :)


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