Friday, September 7, 2012

Boobie-Palooza 2012 [Follow-up]

A few weeks ago, Logan and I headed up to Los Angeles for Boobie-Palooza!

(I apologize for taking so long to write a follow up, but movers came to pack up our entire house the very next morning, and it's taken me a bit to get back on track.)

Rockin' the "Peace. Love. & Breastfeeding" tee
from MamaPear Designs
The event was hosted in the historic Ebell building in LA by Berlin Wellness and The Pump Station & Nurtury, in conjunction with World Breastfeeding Week. The building was beautiful, but (at least on this particular day) lacked air conditioning and close parking. Two things that are very important for expecting and new moms.

There were a lot of great companies in attendance, many of which we recognized, including Milkin' Cookies, Daddy Scrubs, Pediped, Joovy, and Happy Family, as well as a few new faces.

Logan's favorite product of the day was this teether by Zoli:

I love that he has something he likes to bite... other than my fingers. I just wish that they would tint the silicone so that I can find it easier. (I keep meaning to make a "leash" for it.)

The product I am most looking forward to testing out is this carseat canopy by SnoozeShade:
You can expect a review on it soon.

There was a great lineup of speakers, including Rikki Lake, Dr. Harvey Karp, Elliot Berlin, and more. (To see the full line up and more information about each speaker, click here.)
We unfortunately did not get a chance to attend any of the seminars that took place that day. Like I mentioned before, the venue was very hot and the attention span of a 3 month old was not going to be kept for long, although I would have loved to sit and listen to the panel all day.

The lactation lounge was very nicely put together. There was comfortable seating, shear privacy curtains at the entrance, and refreshments. The drinks did go fast and left some of us searching for water towards the end. (Sorry, I didn't take any photos, I make a real effort to respect the privacy of those around me, especially of the little ones.)

The changing areas were fully stocked by Honest Co, with their full line of wipes, lotions, and disposable diapers.

We ran into my good friend, Faith, who wears many titles these days, most notably, Co-founder of Celebrate the Military Child and FaveMoM.

We had a good time at the event and would have loved to stay longer, but the heat and lack of water sent us home early. I expected to see more companies that focussed on breastfeeding support, rather than general baby products, although I did find new products that I had not seen or tried before.

If you were curious, like I was, to see what comes in a $75 swag bag... here it is!

The swag bag, with all the product samples and reading materials, was 10 pounds!! 

I haven't gotten a chance to play with everything just yet, as everything was packed up the next morning and was in one of the last boxes to be unpacked. 

Logan won his first pair of Pediped shoes through the raffle the company hosted at their booth. We love Pedipeds and can't wait for him to wear these!

If you attended Boobie-Palooza and wrote a post, we'd love to read it! Just post a link in the comments and we'll check it out.

We hope you all had a fabulous Breast Feeding Awareness month (August) and are ready for Child Safety Month!

The Pump Station just tweeted a link to the Boobie-Palooza 2012 wrap up video and I wanted to share, especially since Logan and I are in it :)

Full Disclosure: I was invited to attend this event as a part of the media and received a ticket as well as a swag bag in exchange for promoting the event and writing about my experience. My experience is my own. My awesome "lactivist" shirt was sent by my amazing friend, Lara, owner of MamaPear Designs.


  1. The event was awesome. Just wayyyy to hot. They need a larger venue with air conditioning. lol btw, at least you have an excuse for your late post like moving. I haven't eve gotten to it yet.

    1. Yes, way too hot! Logan was in the Moby Wrap and we were both sweating :(
      I would have stayed much longer if it weren't go hot and if I had found some cold water.

      I felt bad about taking so long to post, but they posted the video on the same day as this post, so I don't feel too bad now. I think you have time ;)



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